Sunday, January 30, 2011

Surprise Chicken!

It has been a crazy month! Although I have not/ do not cook very often, I have found that I am a pretty decent cook. Why do you ask? because I don't follow recipes and only make 1 thing, of which is DE-LIC-OUS! We call it Surprise Chicken because you never know how it will taste although it will be tasty. It all starts with a zip lock baggy and 2 chicken breasts. I then have a stock set of ingredients that I pull from in any order and in any amount. "Until it smells yummy" is usually how much I add of any ingredient.So here is my recipe. (you may add, subtract, do whatever you want just do it until it is good) My various ingredients include

1. A base marinade (Pick either or all) - Any soda or juice is really good
Dr. Pepper
Black Cherry Soda
Apple Juice
Rasperry Soda
Red Cream Soda
(Do not use anything like Milk - it burn and is yucky)

2. Seasonings (Any of these seasonings in any combination work. Just remember, Salt tends to be very overpowering so try and balance your sweet and salt) - I usually put these in with the marinade, but whatever works
Franks Red Hot
*Soy Sauce - I almost always use this
Black Pepper
*Apple Cider Vinegar- I almost always use this
Ginger root
Italian Seasoning
Lemon Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Brown Sugar
Try anything you like (I always add to the list)

3. Preperation
  • You put all/any of these ingredients into your ziplock baggy and let them marinate/defrost for a few hours.
  • You will then have to decide how you like chicken.
    • Chunks - Cut it into Chunks throw sauce and all in a pan and cook it until it's done
    • Steam - This dries out a little so be prepared to reduce your sauce for over the chicken
    • Bake - very moist but takes longer than boiling it.You will want to reduce the rest of the marinade as well
4.Eat it
We like chicken with rice or potatoes depending on your ingredients.
Enjoy it! (Your first few attempts may be less than Masterpieces but keep trying, you'll find what works and doesn't)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oh Buddy!

My Puppy, Budrick P. Larson, also known as Buddy is sure he is a human. In our home Alex is obviously the rule maker and I'm the care giver, in the eyes of Buddy anyway. Our nightly routine consists of Buddy laying on his blanket at the foot of our bed, of course with his favorite toys. He pretends to be asleep until Alex falls asleep. He then sneaks over to my side of the bed, crawls under the covers and precedes to poke his head out just enough to put it on the pillow and the rest of his body underneath the covers. Sheesh. What a cutie. 
Although it has only been 1.5 years since we got him we can't imagine our lives with out him. He now knows how to sit, laydown, time for bed, dance, high five, low five, get out of the kitchen, and most recently roll-over. We of course speak to Buddy in our baby voices, which I will never repeat in public for fear of being stoned to death because it is so obnoxious. He is one of the most fashionable dogs that I know with a wardrobe that would impress any aires' dog. We just love you Buddy!

Friday, December 31, 2010

George Bailey

I Want the Moon. I want it. How many times do you think "It's a Wonderful Life" is watched every Christmas? Millions I say, Millions! George Bailey steals my heart every Christmas season and why? He isn't the strongest, prettiest, smartest or even richest boy on the block. As much as I adore my husband, he is NOT George Bailey. Then I had a moment of reflection, Clarence came down and spoke with me you might say. Alex IS George Bailey. He HAS given me the moon. Now this blog is not meant to be a "Marriage is My Life" blog, if so, I would be 200lbs heavier, have big hair, and wear stretch pants. but, really. I married George Bailey.  He never says a word and yet he is the most enlightened, strongest person I know. Does he always know what to say? Almost never. But he tries. He puts up with more than any person should. I can't tell you how many times he moved furniture for me at midnight. As I am typing, he is cleaning the kitchen. What a Guy! He gets up every morning at 4:00AM to go to work in the freezing cold so that I can have a beautiful home. We aren't millionaires and yet, he always wants to give to someone in need. He may not have promised me the moon but he lassoed it for me anyway. MUAH!